How long will my order take to arrive?

Dispatch is 1-2 days

Standard delivery times: 5 business days

Regional Areas: up to 8 days

Express delivery: next business day for orders dispatched before 10am.

Regional express: 1-2 days from dispatch.


Which postal carrier do you use?

Currently we are using Australia Post for local postage services.


Do you ship internationally?

Stay tuned! We are working on suppling different regions in the coming months and utilising local couriers.


Can I return the products I have purchased?

Please refer to our refunds policy. Due to hygiene we cannot accept the products back to be re-stocked if you changed your mind or purchased the incorrect item. If you have any concerns please contact us at info@demurev.com.au.


Where are your products made?

Our products are made in the Republic of China. It should be noted that when manufacturing sanitary napkins in China, strict guidelines must be adhered to by law. Unlike in Australia, where currently no regulations are in place for sanitary pads, you can be assured the hygiene safety standards are at the highest standard.


Why are demure V products beneficial?

Our products are beneficial to you as the top sheet of all our disposable sanitary items are organic and biodegradable. We do not use any dyes or perfumes that are toxic to the human body. The top layer is soft and non-irritant to the skin. 


Are all your products organic?

Not all of our products are certified organic but all sanitary items use organic top sheets. We will be introducing new organic products in the near future and all our packaging will be clearly marked whether or not they are certified organic.


What does organic mean?

Organic means there is no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used during farming. 


Is non organic harmful?

When using products that are not organic can present health risks. Many pesticides are carcinogenic, which can lead to cancer. Everybody reacts differently to chemicals that can be found in our everyday items. Always check the labels of your products and ensure you understand the ingredients prior to use. This can help limit any exposure to known harmful chemicals. Our products will always list what ingredients are used.

It is important to note, that even with certified organic products there may be traces of unwanted chemicals. This is due to the world we live in being heavily sprayed with many varieties of hazardous chemicals which can carry through to organic farming regions without intent.