Menstrual cycle pain and discomfort is common for most young girls and women. Over the years we have been told that pain and discomfort during our menses is normal. What if it wasn't? What if there are ways to stop your mid-cycle and monthly cycle from causing you discomfort.

Well we believe there is!

Food and traditional herbs play a vital role in how our bodies function and if we don't nourish our body we can feel run down and not perform at our optimum level. Our busy lifestyles leave little time to prep foods in the kitchen. Here at demure v we believe that nutrition along with changing to an organic sanitary pad range can help combat the discomfort felt by many women during their period. We use our platform to share the types of food and herbs to consume so that more woman can educate themselves on the importance of food and your period.



When healing any sort of discomfort felt throughout our body, the mind plays a vital role in how we heal ourselves. Practice speaking positively to yourself and learn to block negative thoughts. Often our minds can cause us to overreact or feel worse than we should, so if we learn to start the day with a positive thought or speak kind words to ourselves this will ultimately change how you feel.

In order to have a positive mind set, the foods you consume is important. Overly processed or grab and go meals can often be filled with many chemicals that affect our thoughts. Find the time to pre plan your weekly food meals, ditch the morning coffee and start the day with a piece of fruit!